We know how important data security and accessibility is to you. With this is mind we have created software solutions to help minimize risk of data loss or exposure. Below are some solutions we have created which we feel can be of value to not only companies, but home users as well.


Private Information Exchange

If you send or receive sensitive information or documents via email, you probably don't realize how easily it can be intercepted and read. An email can be "sniffed" with freeware software available online. With this in mind, we have created Private Information Exchange. This solution allows you to send or receive information securely, without having to install a single piece of software. We have designed this solution with the idea that it should be easy to use while being completely secure.


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Backup Bucket

Weather you are a corporation or a home user, your files are important to you. How you back them up is crucial in how successful you would be in the event of an emergency. if you back up your data onto a local disk or a thumb drive you have sitting in a drawer, what would happen if there were a fire or a flood? Your backups would possibly be deemed useless. That's why we invented Backup Bucket. Backup Bucket lets you choose what folders you want to "watch", and any modifications to those folders are automatically uploaded securely every night to our remote servers. In the event of a catastrophe, your files can be retrieved by installing the software on new computer, and log in in to your account. The small monthly fee is worth the piece of mind.

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