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The Keryan Group consists of experts in all aspects of the technology field. This allows us the ability to provide a wide variety of services. Below is a list of our primary services we offer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on any of our services or solutions.



Weather your business consists of a single computer or a network of hundreds of computers, we can help you maximize your productivity with custom workflow designs. We can evaluate your current business model and design software to cater to your exact needs. We can assist in everything from purchasing, installing and supporting hardware and software. We can design a custom network design to suit your needs, including secure remote access from any internet ready computer



Software & Database Design

Can't find a software product that does exactly what you want it to do?  We can write software to you specifications to maximize productivity.  We have written custom applications for many clients in the past such as accountants, lawyers & doctors.  See how we can help streamline your workflow.



Hardware & Software Support

Do you have software or hardware that is out of the manufacturer's warrantee? Don't pay astronomical prices for support, when we can provide the same support for a fraction of the cost!


Website Design & Hosting

Weather you are looking for a one page web presence or a full e-commerce site, we can make it happen. We have designed simple sites, as well as elaborate 3D animated sites. We also specialize in search engine optimization to help you get the best ranking possible within your targeted search terms. The Keryan Group can also help you get started with online advertising campaigns with such products as Google ADWords.


Microsoft Exchange & Blackberry Hosting

Through Managed Mail Solutions, we provide Microsoft Exchange mailbox hosting, as well as Blackberry hosting. This is ideal for companies looking to use the power of Microsoft Exchange, without the burden of cost that comes with maintaining an Exchange server. For a small monthly fee, you can enjoy the benefits of Exchange such as calendar and contact sharing. Have a Blackberry? It can be used with Exchange!



Data Security Products

As technology advances, so do the methods criminals use to obtain your personal information. One common mistake people make is sending personal information via email or instant messenger. Anyone with a packet sniffer and a bit of technical know-how can use this to capture your data and use it to their advantage. Protect yourself with our new product Private Information Exchange.


Do you have data on your computer that is important to you? What process do you have in place to keep it backed up? With our Backup Bucket software solution, you can be sure your data is automatically backed up remotely, off-site, and securely.


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